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Based in Fairbanks, Alaska and staffed by Alaskans who know what it takes to work in our harsh climate with challenging logistics and minimal support.

Greenstone Station started in 2010 with a small remote camp and a better idea. We recognized immediately that new technology and efficiency were the key to our business’ success. By blending the most modern equipment and concepts into existing products and services, we can provide what you need for less money, and do it in less time.

Our land clearing division works under the same principals- We searched the market and purchased low-ground pressure tracked Caterpillar carriers and mounted the industry’s most efficient cutting and mulching heads. Faster and low cost – keys to success.

Customers using our remote camps demand the utmost in comfort and convenience, yet they must have an affordable solution to be competitive. By eschewing the expense and logistical difficulty of traditional trailer camps, we have designed portable and cost-effective camp solutions using the latest in energy efficiency, integrating solar power and energy storage with our generators to dramatically reduce costs.  

Need help with logistics for your remote project?  Need professional, knowledgeable and skilled assistance with your Alaskan film project?  Anywhere in Alaska, any time, with any mode of transportation – we can help you!



Large scale projects or clearing a small site -  We are the efficient and economical solution.

  • Brush and land clearing using CAT 299D XHP compact track loaders with rotary hydro ax cutter, or with a rotary mulcher, capable or reducing trees and stumps to pieces smaller than 4".
  • Large scale land clearing and brushing
  • Remote project? No problem. 30 miles off the highway or helicopter access only with chainsaws. We have the experience.

Land Clearing

Using CAT 299D XHP compact track loaders, we use a variety of cutting heads depending upon the requirements of the job.  A rotary hydro-ax cutter head can be used for basic clearing, or a rotary mulcher spinning at 1700 RPM can reduce the trees to pieces less than four inches in size!  Our machines have low ground pressure for excellent off-road capability and reduced ground impact.
Building sites can be cleared economically – including selective clearing around and under larger trees.  Our rotary mulcher leaves the area ready for digging or gravel fill.  No unsightly dozer piles to dispose of. One acre or over 200 acres, we can complete your project!

Trail Building

Need a new trail for dog mushing, land access or skiing? We can cut a minimum six foot wide trail quickly and easily. Weeks quicker than a chainsaw, and costing thousands less than a big hydro ax. Typical costs are around $500/mile.


Remote camps to ensure the comfort of your crew


We use metal-framed insulated fabric structures to create a comfortable living and working space for your crew.  The structures can be sized to fit your requirements, from 10’x10’ to 40’x100’.  They are set on insulated wood floor platforms for stability. These can either be flown out to the jobsite or packed into connexes for easy transport. These camps are fully modular - can be set up just as sleeping quarters, or a full camp with kitchen, dining, bath and laundry facilities. Supplemental solar power is available to keep generator costs down.


For smaller, shorter duration projects, insulated tents are used, with or without wooden floors.  These are less expensive to transport and set up, and are also ideally suited for projects with limited access or that are only accessible by airplane.


Your crew needs to be kept at peak efficiency to be able to concentrate on their job.  Our professional cooks will provide three meals a day using our field kitchens.  This is our most cost-effective option. 


We can provide logistical and transportation services to support any project.  


Site Development


Building a new house or commercial building?  Does your driveway fill with mud in the spring?  We offer a full complement of site development capabilities.  We offer a variety of site development options - both residential and commercial.

  • Driveways, site grading, clearing and site prep
  • Foundations, concrete building slabs
  • Buried utilities



Film Field Support & Outfitting


Greenstone Station can provide outfitting for film crews in the extreme Alaskan wilderness - a place we call home.  We can supply a wide variety of services that will meet the needs of your film crew and budget. We have the experience to streamline your planning, and to maximize your time on location.

We offer land, air, and marine transportation as well as fully outfitted camps complete with mess, and we're ready to assist year round.

During the summer of 2014 Knacker Einfach Filmproduktion produced a five episodes TV-documentary for the Franco-German TV network ARTE. Filming took place in the Yukon Territory and Alaska, covering the complete distance on the Yukon river from its headwaters all the way to the Bering Sea.

Shaun Patterson´s Greenstone Station worked for us as our main provider for logistics, transportation, hardware rental and provisions as well as an advisor on matters of safety and location scouting on the Alaskan part of the trip.

Shaun and his team provided professional and motivated support in all of theses areas. His long time experience as local resident in combination with a high level of motivation, around the clock availability and his amicable nature did really help us preparing and executing our job in a safe and professional way.
— Matt Krueger CEO of Knacker Einfach GmbH, Munich, Germany

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