Large scale projects or clearing a small site -  We are the efficient and economical solution.

  • Brush and land clearing using CAT 299D XHP compact track loaders with rotary hydro ax cutter, or with a rotary mulcher, capable or reducing trees and stumps to pieces smaller than 4".
  • Large scale land clearing and brushing
  • Remote project? No problem. 30 miles off the highway or helicopter access only with chainsaws. We have the experience.

Land Clearing

Using CAT 299D XHP compact track loaders, we use a variety of cutting heads depending upon the requirements of the job.  A rotary hydro-ax cutter head can be used for basic clearing, or a rotary mulcher spinning at 1700 RPM can reduce the trees to pieces less than four inches in size!  Our machines have low ground pressure for excellent off-road capability and reduced ground impact.
Building sites can be cleared economically – including selective clearing around and under larger trees.  Our rotary mulcher leaves the area ready for digging or gravel fill.  No unsightly dozer piles to dispose of. One acre or over 200 acres, we can complete your project!

Trail Building

Need a new trail for dog mushing, land access or skiing? We can cut a minimum six foot wide trail quickly and easily. Weeks quicker than a chainsaw, and costing thousands less than a big hydro ax. Typical costs are around $500/mile.