Remote camps to ensure the comfort of your crew


We use metal-framed insulated fabric structures to create a comfortable living and working space for your crew.  The structures can be sized to fit your requirements, from 10’x10’ to 40’x100’.  They are set on insulated wood floor platforms for stability. These can either be flown out to the jobsite or packed into connexes for easy transport. These camps are fully modular - can be set up just as sleeping quarters, or a full camp with kitchen, dining, bath and laundry facilities. Supplemental solar power is available to keep generator costs down.


For smaller, shorter duration projects, insulated tents are used, with or without wooden floors.  These are less expensive to transport and set up, and are also ideally suited for projects with limited access or that are only accessible by airplane.


Your crew needs to be kept at peak efficiency to be able to concentrate on their job.  Our professional cooks will provide three meals a day using our field kitchens.  This is our most cost-effective option. 


We can provide logistical and transportation services to support any project.